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Custom Website Design
Since 1998, Carrie's Creations Inc has specialized in creating unique, custom websites for its clients. Each website is one-of-a-kind, and designed from scratch, just for you. Other companies have set "packages" that you can choose from, such as "Gold", "Silver", and "Bronze", and of course the price goes up with each level. Or they start with a template and simply fill in your information. We feel that no one should settle for a third-rate website simply because they have a limited budget! At Carrie's Creations our philosophy is simple - give people quality, unique work without telling them what they are limited to. When you choose us to create your company's online presence, you will receive a custom website that is designed to fit your needs.

Who We Serve

Carrie's Creations has clients all over the state of Michigan, as well as nation-wide. Our clients consist primarily of real estate companies and agents, rental management companies, resorts, construction companies, churches, professional services, and retail stores. We work with small businesses, non-profit companies, corporations, and individuals.

Getting Started

When you contact us regarding your new project, we will give you a quote that is based on the content you wish to have on your website. The price quoted to you will be valid for 60 days.

Since all of the websites we create are unique and tailored to each business's needs, the price will vary with each project. Small business sites that consist of a few pages can usually be created for $500. More elaborate sites will cost around $1000. Large e-commerce sites with shopping cart capabilities can run from $1000-2500.

After your site is created you will need to have it hosted on a server. Our cost for this is $210.00 per year. This cost is for all of our clients, no matter how large your site is or how much traffic you receive.

You will also need a domain name, such as  We will register the name you wish to use for $25.00 for one year. Domain names can be purchased for up to 10 years at a time, and we offer discounts for multiple year registrations. You may have as many domain names as you wish, and they can all be parked to your website at no additional charge.

After your site is completed, any additional work is based on $40.00 per hour. There is no minimum and we do not round up to the next hour. Work that takes 10 minutes or less to complete is done for free.


I am so confident that you will be pleased with our services, I invite you to check out our competition in northern Michigan. I believe you will find that no one can beat our prices or quality of work. View our portfolio, and see for yourself: all the sites are unique - because each business is unique! Please feel free to check out the competition and judge for yourself.

- Carrie Pieniozek






Carrie & Jim, Thanks for all your help this year. We get lots of compliments on our website. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Pete & Susan
Twin Lakes Shore Resort

Looks great. Just what I was looking for. Nice logo [custom designed]

Vacation Rentals North

I am honestly so very happy with the way the site is shaping up, it's awesome! It is so clean and crisp and un-cluttered, and it doesn't have all the distracting ads and unnecessary buttons and just ridiculous junk all over the sides like so many sites do. I love it! You rock!

Follow-up email:
Hi Carrie,
I just checked the site a minute ago, you're fast! And it looks great, I'm so happy I didn't try to do the website myself with one of those cheap online website building/hosting programs.

Adam Wood







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